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Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is not an easy task and is best left to an experienced team with the knowledge and equipment to perform the clean of your roof safely and correctly.

We can quote to complete a tiled roof clean, colorbond roof clean, trimdek roof clean, shed roof clean - domestic or commercial.

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Knowledge, expertise and skill

Roof cleaning requires a certain level of expertise and skill, it is so important to have the knowledge and background of the different roof aspects and their materials and structure. Prior to commencing any work we will inspect the roof area to ensure it is safe to commence and report on any broken/cracked tiles, damage, maintenance issues or possible leaks.  

  • A standard roof clean includes a flush out of gutters and downpipes, clean of external gutters and fascia and wash down of solar panels.
  • Upon completion we then rinse down the surrounding areas to ensure any run off from the roof clean is removed.
  • If you have water tanks we will disconnect and reconnect your tanks to ensure no dirt & debris from the roof clean enter your tanks
  • We use a combination of a whirlaway rotary head cleaner and turbo wands to complete give a thorough clean of the roof area.
  • Using regulated pressure we ensure the roof clean is completed correctly for each individual surface. 
  • Highly experienced team to complete the roof clean safely and efficiently - all certified to work safely at heights / fully insured 
Sunshine Pressure Cleaning What makes a roof dirty

What makes a roof dirty?

The black stains we often see on our roof is algae build up. algae thrives in moist, shaded areas of the roof.  In some cases only certain areas of a roof appear black, this may be caused by some areas being more shaded than others.

Lichen is formed when algae and fungus are in close physical contact with one another. they grow in water, air, nutrients, light and on surfaces such as roof tiles and sheets. Lichen holds moisture in place against surfaces, which speeds up normal wear and tear. 

Lichen is hard to remove and if not done completely can return very quickly. we use a cleaning solution to aid in the removal and regrowth of lichen. When lichen, moss, algae, mould and mildew are present on the roof they can penetrate the surface causing damage to the surface.

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Sunshine Pressure Cleaning the importance of keeping your roof clean

The importance of keeping your roof clean

Removal of algae, moss & lichens from your roof can truly bring your home to life and enhance it’s appearance, all while protecting your valuable investment.

By having your roof cleaned it can remove build up of harmful algae, moss & lichens which overtime penetrate the roof surface and cause long term damage 

Whether you have a standard home, unit, townhouse or shed, commercial, industrial or body corporate building we have the expert knowledge and equipment to offer you an expert clean

Roof Screw Replacement

Once your roof is cleaned we can provide recommendations regarding roof screw replacement. In some cases only sections of the roof screws will need to be replaced.

Living in a coastal area, due to the salt air and humidity roof screws can become rusty. Once roof screws become rusty they not only affect the appearance of your roof but may impact the integrity and strength of the roof.

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