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Driveway and Concrete Cleaning

We can restore all types of driveway surfaces and get them looking like new; including exposed aggregate, stamped or stenciled, plain concrete, pavers, tiles and pathways.

With a range of options we can provide the right solution for you using the latest equipment and high pressure driveway cleaning techniques.

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Using the latest technology

Whether it be a standard driveway clean or concrete area, pathway, patio or deck we can assist you with a pressure cleaning solution for all exterior surfaces. We also specialise in industrial and commercial pressure cleaning including car parks and walkways, shop fronts, tiled or paved areas, all external hard surfaces.  

  • When completing a clean we can eliminate mould and mildew from the surface, not only will we remove it to an aesthetic level, but we'll also make sure the source is taken care of leaving your driveway or concrete area clean with a lasting solution.
  • Using our softwash cleaning system allows a low pressure option where a specialised solution is applied to the surface and left to work into the build up and then cleaned off using a low pressure setting.
  • Hot water pressure cleaning can produce outstanding results while reducing the need for use of cleaning solutions and is more efficient.
Sunshine Pressure Cleaning Hot Water Pressure Cleaning

Benefits of hot water pressure cleaning

Hot water pressure cleaning can produce better cleaning results as the hot water softens congealed oil and grease and significantly improves emulsification, making it very easy remove.

This is particularly useful in the food industry, where proteins and grease can be loosened extremely effectively with hot water, reducing the need for cleaning solutions to be used: grease, oil, dirt etc. These can usually be removed using just hot water, the use of cleaning solutions is significantly reduced or can be eliminated entirely.

In addition to cost savings this also protects the environment with faster drying time and improved hygiene. Hot water pressure cleaning allows a wide range of cleaning tasks can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Sunshine Pressure Cleaning the importance of keeping your driveway clean

The importance of regularly cleaning your driveway

Overtime mould, dirt and algae can build up on your driveway or concrete area causing it to become black. not only does this look unsightly but can cause the surface to become slippery. Sunshine Pressure Cleaning can clean this off and restore the area back to looking like new.

We utilise our hot wash system that can power through even the toughest of stains.

Improve your curb appeal and protect your investment by having your driveway pressure cleaned regularly.

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