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House Washing

Cleaning the exterior of your home will not only improve the look, but also remove harmful dirt and grime built up over time, creating a safe and hygienic environment to live in.

A house wash down removes the unsightly mould and mildew, we can apply our cleaning solutions to the surface this will not only remove the mould and mildew but attack the source preventing re growth.

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We wash all exterior surfaces

We wash all exterior surfaces including brickwork, render, timber, paintwork, shade sails, retaining walls, rock walls, window cleaning and screens, eaves, fascia and soffits.

  • we can provide the right technique to achieve the best results without damaging any paint work or plants. we use a soft wash technique this allows us to achieve an outstanding finish without damaging the surface.
  • we have a range of products to suit the surface and surroundings with a green clean option available.
  • we have the equipment to get to the hard to reach places, are certified to work up to 3 stories high and operate elevated work platforms.
  • whether it be a unit, town house or home, body corporate, office building or commercial building we can assist with all of your exterior pressure cleaning needs.
Sunshine Pressure Cleaning Softwash Cleaning

What is softwash cleaning?

Softwash cleaning involves first applying a cleaning solution, letting it sit on the surface to do the work breaking through buildup, it is then washed off with water using a low pressure setting.

Softwash is a great alternative to high pressure cleaning. each surface is different and requires a different cleaning application, we have the experience and knowledge to advise you towards the correct cleaning solution.

Softwash has now become a widely used method as it is not harmful to the surface.

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